Song Exploder - Episode 24: Tycho

The only bad thing about Song Exploder is that I've spent a lot more money on music I otherwise might not have found. Woe is me.

Be sure not to miss the year-end episode Sea of Love by the National. You can go through the year-long archives and find plenty of gold. The access that Hrishikesh Hirway has been able to gain over 52 weeks is a great example of how thoughtful, interesting, and insightful commentary opens doors.

Stuff You Missed in History Class - Beast of Gevaudan

This is the perfect pre-Halloween podcast. Grisly deaths; heroic figures, people who attempt to rise to "hero" status, but make themselves look like fools; supposedly supernatural monsters; all in late 18th century France.

And, the best part? After you listen, you can watch Brotherhood of the Wolf with a fire and a glass of wine. That's exactly how I'd like to lead into Halloween.

TL;DR - An Imperfect Match

This episode is a few weeks old, but I don't think the information or view points go stale. There were outbursts of surprise when it Facebook published their paper about potentially being able to manipulate people's emotions by adjusting the "mood" on their Facebook timelines.

Christian Rudder of OkCupid talks us through how using measurable testing on real users means a better experience for all users of OkCupid.

My take? It seems naive to believe that this kind of testing isn't happening on every service we visit. Maybe especially so on services where our attention is ostensibly the "product".